Hey~ my blog~ sorry that i'm not a good owner, and i'm less concern on you~

i know you will not angry with me, because you are understanding me as well.

 right? hahaXD anywhere, all of the MMU students are fighting for their final exam now. how about me? 

actually i still have one paper on this coming saturday, but i felt that i already fall into holiday mood ya~WUHOO!!!

i keep watching the drama which i haven finish watch before, and i'm keep planning for my holiday~ 

show you my plan after i finish my exam ya^^

i should stop myself and fighting for my last paper for this semester from now~JIAYOU^^ HWAITING^^ ADD OIL ^^

Subject: Theater
Date: 1/10/2011
Venue: Exam Hall
Siting No: 142


that's all for my short update~ see you again

add oil to all my friends who are taking final exam now


Sentiment today:

Don’t wait for a rainy day to fix the roof.


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